com·​pound (kəm-ˈpau̇nd) n. 1. In living organisms, organic compounds are formed when two or more chemical elements join together, typically with carbon, such as cannabinoids. 2. Buildings, venues or facilities joined together to share a common or associated purpose, such as a campus. software-as-a-services (SaaS) platform joins together medical professionals and patients, academics and researchers, manufacturers and supply chain vendors, trade associations and advocacy groups, government officials and journalists, consumer product companies and cannabinoid consumers. will provide its customers unprecedented abilities to research, teach, learn, develop products, and conduct commerce in a safe and secure environment. Members will have unique opportunities to interact with critical industry sectors, discover information, grow their professional networks, and influence the growth and maturation of the medical cannabinoid market.

Our Values

It begins and ends with the patient

Understanding the impact on patients informs everything we do on, from cultivation to commerce.

Create with purpose

Create products and services with specific intended benefits in mind, backed by science, and avoid the temptation to cash-in on the CBD fad.

Dispense “hope” responsibly

Many people turn to cannabinoid therapies seeking a miracle after all other medical options have failed them.

Think holistically

We start with an awareness that every participant in the ecosystem contributes to positive outcomes for patients.

Follow the science, wherever it leads

The message “cannabis cures that” is important for patients and medical professionals to know and understand. Equally important is the message “cannabis does not cure that.”

Do well by doing good

We will achieve success by focusing on enabling services that bring value to patients and medical practitioners, not on monetizing people.



John Sidline

For more than past 20 years, John has served in executive marketing strategy, communications and product management leadership positions, first in tech, then in cannabis.


Steven Mulhall

Steve brings more than 20 years in corporate operations, global sales and business development, generating $100s millions in new revenue for the organizations where he held executive leadership positions.

Creative Director

Malcolm Johnson

Sales Director

Mark Nockels

Dir. Product Management

Ian Schray


Kerri Accardi
CEO at 420 MEDIA,
Executive Producer at Cannaval and
Board Member at
Stormy Ray Cardholders Foundation
Angela Bacca, MBA
Senior consultant to the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, freelance journalist, book editor, consultant and researcher in the legal cannabis industry
Jamie Hadfield, RN MBA
Founder of Legends Health, Wellness & Performance,
Cannibis Nurse Educator,
and Clinical Director
Rachel Knox, MD MBA
Clinical Endocannabinologist
and Co-founder of
Doctors Knox, Inc.,
ADVENT Academy, and
American Cannabinoid Clinics
Craig Leivent, PharmD
Doctor of Pharmacology,
Founder of Flower Power Coffee
and owner of Oregon dispensary
Lincoln City Collective