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Dispensing “hope”

Dispensing “hope”

Many people turn to cannabinoid therapies after conventional medicine failed them. Some of them are seeking miracles. Countless millions more turn to cannabinoid products as part of a wellness regimen. For all these people, cannabis represents hope. At, we believe in putting the patient first – this means working to ensure product purity and science-backed recommendations in pursuit of successful health outcomes, not dollars and cents.

Medical Education

Advancing cannabinoid medicine through continuing medical education programs

Testing Compliance

Requiring strict, comprehensive testing across all products and materials in the supply chain

Reliable Information

Offering reliable, trusted news sources, while exposing bias and conflicts of interest

Truth in Labeling

Ensuring contents match labels through testing and transparency requirements

Clinical Research

Identifying, prioritizing, funding, facilitating and sharing new research

Professional Directories

Making it easy for anyone to find relevant, certified experts and professionals

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